cum tempore Schulleben

Our trip to England

We arrived in Folkestone after a long journey by bus and ferry on Sunday evening.

On the first day we drove to Canterbury and visited the pretty Cathedral. There were beautiful and coloured windows all over the place which gave the whole thing a magical glow. After this we went on a little shopping trip in some small groups. At last, we made a guided tour through the city. It was really fun and we learned a lot about the history of Canterbury, the cathedral and the monastery.

The next day we visited London! At first, we went to Borough Market and had a really good time. The food was delicious. We ate shellfish and strawberries in chocolate sauce. Really tasty!  Then we walked to the Tate Gallery and wanted to watch London from the top of the building but sadly, it was closed. Afterwards we walked at lot around London and saw the typical sights like Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace and we took many pictures. In the late afternoon we went to Covent Garden and shopped a little bit. And of course we took the tube to get around. On the way back to our guest family we were all tired.

On the last full day in England, we hiked near the White Cliffs of Dover to a lighthouse and enjoyed the view. We drove back to Folkestone and explored the city and bought some souvenirs.  We saw the harbour and ate fish and chips. Before we got back to our families we spend the rest of the day on the beach until the sun went down.

Early in the morning we packed our last things and said goodbye to our guest families. They were really friendly and kind and took care of us. The journey back home was long, and we were all happy to be back home, but we had a really good time and we had so much fun.

Amira, Rica, Lucy, Finja, Emilia, Lynn, Merit, Robert, Lino, Daniel, Mateusz