Fahrt des 8. Jahrgangs nach Eastbourne

Our trip to England was great, and in this article we want to talk about it.

Going to Eastbourne

On Sunday morning, we met at our school. The bus with our bus driver, named Hans, was already waiting for us.

The 12 hour trip to Eastbourne seemed really long, but in the end, we arrived quite fast.

Late in the evening we met our “families” who had a warm welcome for us. Family life very often is different from Germany, but most of us were in a nice family.

Tour to Brighton and London

On our first day we went to Brighton. The best part of our tour to Brighton was the beach because of the beautiful sight and the shopping centre because of the diversity of the stores. On our way back to Eastbourne we stopped at Beachy Head for a little hike. We could see the white cliffs which was great.

London is beautiful, too. We all went on London Eye and after that, some headed for the Harry Potter Store at King’s Cross Station and the others went to the Natural Science Museum. We loved both. In the end we all met at Borough Market where we could find souvenirs and special food.

Even our language class in Eastbourne was fun. We had to spell our name which turned out to be quite difficult. After that we had time in Eastbourne.

On the trip back to Germany we were all happy and sang a lot, it was real fun and we all started to stick together as a group. Our English knowledge got better and we also learned quite a few new words.

If you get the chance, take it and go to England as well. We had a great time!

Marion Schomakers